The Blakery

Cookies on a blue and pink background

Born and raised in Long Island, New York, Blake Warman is a 23-year-old entrepreneur and a die-hard foodie who is happy to bring you “The Ultimate 6 oz Cookie.”

Growing up, Warman had a huge sweet tooth which proved to be a problem when he found himself extremely unhappy with his body- overweight and unhealthy. Unable to give up his love for desserts, he turned to baking as a way to satisfy those cravings. His family and friends encouraged him to market and sell his never-before-seen cookie creations. At 17-years-old, he lost over 80 pounds and founded his dream company, The Blakery.

While attending The University of Miami, Warman baked out of his college apartment and sold cookies via delivery platforms and his website to college students and beyond. He also wholesaled to various bagel shops and restaurants- right from his door. It was at this moment that he knew his product was unique and craved by everyone.

After graduating college in May 2021, Warman continued to scale his bakery by shipping nationwide and opened his first brick and mortar in August at Time Out Market Miami.

The Blakery offerings are endless with 12 permanent cookie flavors, monthly specials, as well as corresponding ice cream flavors.

Warman is set to take The Blakery mobile sometime next year with his first cookie truck on the way & expand into the CBD industry with his new company, Get Blaked.